Tip of the Week – Learn 1 New Thing

There is an overwhelming amount of data and programs we are hit with on a daily basis. Social media seems to be so time consuming. How do you do it all? Or do you? The experts say to do one or 2 things really well and learn the rest when you can, if you can’t hire someone to do it for you. It is better to do a few things well and consistently than to do a lot of different things poorly.  So if facebook is your thing, commit to it. If twitter or reddit feel better, do that. If you like pictures, use pinterest or instagram.  Any of these tools will help you if you use them correctly. There are great youtube videos on how to use them.

We had someone start a discussion on reddit about one of our products a few months ago. How did we know this? Our website had 18,000 hits in about a week because of the conversation going on inside reddit. While I haven’t figured out how to best play with reddit, it can have a huge impact.

So find one new thing and use it consistently and you will start to see results. It is not an overnight change but it will help.  Keep inventing daily!