Who InventingDaily.com is and Why

Thanks for visiting us. InventingDaily.com was founded by a family of inventors looking for a better way to help inventors get their products to the next level. Having been in the inventing world for a combined 25 years, Jim and Carolyn, the Founders of Inventing Daily have taken multiple products from idea, to receiving patents, and manufacturing and licensing.  We have made mistakes along the way, been lied to, been over-charged for services, and every other pitfall that comes with launching a product on your own.  InventingDaily.com was created to help inventors through the process with fewer problems.

Jim & Daymond copyOur #1 Mission at Inventing Daily is to help people.  We are helping inventors show proof of concept and marketing.  We are coaching new inventors on how to work through their ideas, and for those that we may not have time to help directly, we share our contacts who can offer the services the inventor needs.  InventingDaily.com is not another company that promises the world, but we are the company that promises to help do our part to change it. We are genuine in our passion of helping. If you know of any inventors that need our help, please share. Visit us on facebook.com/InventingDaily@inventingdaily and Linkedin.com/InventingDaily .  Connect us at info@inventingdaily.com and tell us how we can help you.

Good luck with your idea and keep Inventing Daily!