Month: March 2016

Thoughts from Shark Tank auditions in Miami, FL People were in line at 3pm the day before. Wristbands were given out starting at 9 am on Thursday. They handed out 500 and there were still more people, so they gave out 80 more, then even more. In all, there were over 700 people whoВ pitched. Last […]

Read is updating the website.  While it is a work in progress, as all websites are, we appreciate your patience while we transition. Thanks for all of your support for inventors. We have come to realize that we can help more people by working directly with inventors. The transition is almost complete. The focus will be […]


The life of an entrepreneur is like a volatile, yet fun rollercoaster of emotions. Some opportunities come along when least expected and you have to be prepared to seize them. The following is the story of me pitching Daymond John and some of what I learned from the experience. 1. A great support team is […]