About Us

Our company was founded by inventors for inventors. The founders have first hand experience with everything from a napkin idea to a licensing deal to manufacturing. InventingDaily.com is a site where you get coaching or can take courses they have to offer.

The co-founders Carolyn & Jim, work with inventors personally to ensure honesty, integrity, and success through their combined coaching styles. This partnership goes beyond business as Carolyn and Jim and mother and son. They have co-created several products and each brings a unique point of view to the business. The goal of InventingDaily.com is to help inventors get to the next level of success with less frustration, lower costs and more knowledge.

10 Things You Should Know About InventingDaily

  1. Our #1 Mission at InventingDaily is to help inventors get to the next level.
  2. InventingDaily was created by a family of inventors with several patents, products and over 25 years of inventing experience.
  3. Carolyn Keane has a Degree in Design and Jim Reidy has a Degree in Marketing
  4. We offer coaching for inventors on how to work through their ideas to get to the next level.
  5. Coaching on how to find funding and what investors are looking for.
  6. Classes on several topics such as Saving Money on Patents & Getting Ready for Trade Shows
  7. InventingDaily is a safe place to discuss your ideas without worrying about having your idea stolen.
  8. Lists of current Inventors Clubs across the US
  9. Top Trade Shows to Attend
  10. Feature New Products

We are genuine in our passion of helping. If you know of any inventors that need our help, please share. Connect with us on facebook.com/InventingDaily, @inventingdaily and Linkedin.com/InventingDaily .  Email us at info@inventingdaily.com and tell us how we can help you.

Good luck with your idea and keep Inventing Daily!