Collegiate Diversity Generates Change at Invention Corps

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Amnon M CohenPosted on  2:57 pm - Nov 21, 2017

At I am sharing wisdom inventors and investors are wise to follow, as we are pass the old ways of innovation to success, and patents are not what Inventors and Investors can base hopes on anymore. The USA PTO has actually lost its original clout and importance, as it is an income based generator for itself, and is not able to live up to its original mandate of being the safety net for us who enter the “Sharks eating Sharks water” of Global and National trade.
The industry has come to call 1st EXIT a success, where the new owners will be in the position founders of new startups were in the past. I see more of it in Israel, which is the world’s top Startups Nation the US and others are coming for new growth opportunities.

While the PrePatent PrePartnering is the best advice for Governments and Industries, as well as small inventors and investors with dreams and hopes, the website is set for helping you and people like us share and learn in open way the more advanced parts of the Strategic Planing needed prior to investing in patent search and applications and business-plans or contacting investors or finding valued commercial projects.

A long time ago, America was the land of opportunities, but we live in different times of a yet shifting cataclysmic global economy and unfortunately unwise and selfish competitive managing directors who do not want to deal with cultivating new startups.

Kurt DawiecPosted on  5:36 pm - Nov 26, 2017

Thank you for sharing our work!

LoisPosted on  12:47 pm - Jan 15, 2019

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