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ByCarolyn Keane

I’ve discovered the most inspiring, world changing and economy changing tech I’ve ever seen. Bravo Carbon3D!

I recently discovered a company changing manufacturing, invention and entrepreneurship that I can clearly see as being the next LEAP in tech innovation globally. It’s as impactful as Industrial Revolution was to agriculture and the assembly line was for mass production. Honestly, it’s blow your hair off, mind blowingly impressive. Check out Carbon 3D.  www.carbon3d.com

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ByCarolyn Keane

Daymond John: ‘Real entrepreneurs’ will thrive under Trump, despite uncertainty

Daymond John, star of ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” and entrepreneur behind the $6 billion urban street-wear brand FUBU, says that while a lot is changing in America right now under President Donald Trump, the challenge should please any real entrepreneur.

I “know there is a lot of uncertainty out there, but to a true entrepreneur, that doesn’t matter. We have always had uncertainty,” John said at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit Wednesday.

“That’s what an entrepreneur does. They wake up every single day and they deal with adversity.”

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Daymond John: Real Entrepreneurs will thrive under Trump

ByCarolyn Keane

How Makers Can Catalyze a Manufacturing Renaissance

The article “5 Ways the Maker Movement can help catalyze a manufacturing renaissance” calls for leaders to “embrace the Maker Movement as a deeply American source of decentralized creativity for rebuilding America’s thinning manufacturing ecosystems.”

Mark Muro of the Brookings Institution and Peter Hirshberg, co-author with me of the Maker City guide, are co-authors of the article, which makes the case that the new administration might want to look to the Maker Movement as a way to think about re-vitalizing manufacturing in America. They could look at places such as the Columbus Idea Factory in Ohio.

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